Dr Deana Rautenbach BVSc

Dr. Deana Rautenbach’s dedication to animal care is truly remarkable, with a wealth of experience and a genuine love for all creatures, Dr. Deana consistently delivers unrivalled veterinary care. Her expertise spans from routine check-ups to complex surgeries and she approaches each case with a meticulous attention to detail and a deep sense of compassion.

Deana has extensive experience as a veterinary surgeon, she has worked as a general practitioner, an emergency vet and is a fully qualified veterinary acupuncturist. Her devoted client base reflects the long lasting strong bonds she creates with both patients and owner alike.

Dr. Deana offers acupuncture treatments as part of her holistic approach to veterinary care. With a deep understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and its applications in veterinary practice, she brings the benefits of acupuncture to our clinic. Dr. Deana’s commitment to comprehensive veterinary care truly sets her apart in the field of veterinary medicine.

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