Digital Imaging Suite

MediVet Hillcrest boasts a state of the art Digital imaging suite. We have a modern AXIM DR X-Ray system as well as a brand new Veterinary Ultrasound machine also from AXIM. Our dedicated Radiology work space is suitable for animals ranging from huge Great Danes to teacup Min Pins.

Veterinary digital imaging has revolutionized the field of veterinary medicine. It encompasses a wide range of technologies including digital radiography and ultrasonography allowing our veterinarians, Dr Deana Rautenbach and Dr Kath Sparks to obtain high-quality, detailed images of an animal’s internal structures quickly and efficiently.

Digital images can be manipulated for better visualization, shared instantly with specialists for consultations, and stored electronically for easy retrieval and long-term record-keeping. Veterinary digital imaging plays a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring a wide variety of conditions in animals, from fractures and tumors to pregnancy evaluations, greatly enhancing the accuracy and speed of veterinary care

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