Surgical Care

MediVet has a well equipped modern Surgical Theatre in which our experienced vets are able to perform routine neuters, elective surgeries and emergency surgeries.

In a general practice setting, surgical care is a vital component of comprehensive veterinary services. General practice veterinarians are trained and equipped to perform a variety of surgical procedures, ranging from routine spaying and neutering to more complex surgeries such as tumour removals or invasive abdominal surgeries. The focus is not only on skillful and precise surgical techniques but also on the safety and well-being of the patient throughout the entire process. Before surgery, a thorough pre-operative evaluation is conducted to assess the animal’s health, and post-operative care is given equal attention to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. General practice surgical care plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and quality of life for pets, addressing a wide spectrum of medical conditions to keep them happy and healthy.

Anaesthesia and surgical monitoring of patients is also of top priority at MediVet and with our team of highly experienced veterinarians, veterinary nurse and veterinary assistants your pet could not be in safer hands.

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